2008 Mexico - Baja Peninsula
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  An hour's drive south of Todos Santos is Cabo San Lucas, a world destination that is exploding with tourist oriented development. Beaches and big game fishing are the main attractions. "Land's End" is the southern tip of a rocky spine that extends all the way from Alaska's Aleutian Islands.
  While searching for a fishing location near Los Barriles on the East Cape, we found a wonderful beachside resort called Martin Verdugo's and decided to stop there for a week and explore the southern tip of Baja. From the room, we could walk into town to the mercados, restaurants and shops only minutes away.
  Several trips to the candy store (tackle shop) and Bill was good to go deep sea fishing. The area gets very heavy fishing pressure so the fish was released as quickly as possible after getting a photo.
  The Belding's Yellowthroat is a Baja endemic species that is very secretive and hides out in the tall marsh reeds in the lagoon at San Jose del Cabo. This limited habitat is being squeezed by the huge resort developments.
  It took us only 2 days to return to Guerrero Negro because we were getting used to driving in Baja. We returned to The Wall with Jody and his friend Lee who was visiting from British Columbia. While birding with Lee one morning, we were astounded at her ability to capture the essence of any bird song and repeat it. That`s a gift we could use. Reluctantly, we said goodbye to Jody, Lee, and Baja and headed towards home.
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