2008 Mexico - Baja Peninsula
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   No TV? No lights? No problem. We built a fire in the oven and relaxed with a few games of Mexican Trains under the stars, aided by solar candles that had been charged during the day.  
    Tomorrow, we start our trip through the southern half of the peninsula but we'll be back after Christmas.
   This Jesuit Mission from 1760 has 4 foot thick walls that are constructed of local volcanic rock without mortar. In the vault-like rooms under the mission, we arranged the permits to visit the Indian cave paintings at San Francisco.
   We visited the Cochimi Indian cave painting known as "Cueva del Raton", so named perhaps, because the mountain lion in the lower right hand corner resembles a rat. It had been a hair raising ride high into the San Francisco Mountains so when it started to snow, we left in a hurry. We were afraid to get stuck and we didn't want to spend the night.
   A French company operated a copper mine in Santa Rosalia for many years and the influence was evident at the 100 year old bakery. We bought a bag of sweetbreads for the road but they were so good that the bag was empty by the time we had finished visiting the mining museum and got back to the truck.
   Conception Bay on the Sea of Cortez has world class fishing and you can dry-camp on the beach for 60 pesos ($6) per night.
   Todos Santos is home to over a dozen internationally-known artisan galleries. The art may not be over priced but the Mexican crafts and blankets can be purchased for much less in the countryside.
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