2008 Mexico - Baja Peninsula
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  The first night, we camped in Ensenada, 67 miles south of the border on 4 lane toll roads with resort developments all along the way. Supermarkets, McDonalds etc make it very familiar. Even the RV Park was a first class beachside resort.
Oh boy, we're really in Baja now and feeling very alone.
Well, at least there's fud.
  Our primary destination in Baja was at a surfing spot known as "The Wall" where our son Jody, camps in the winter. We found out that this place is wilderness desert at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The end of each day found Bill muttering about how much he loved it there but that he didn't have enough time to do everything.
  Solar panels, propane tanks, bottled water and 2 weeks food supply from the mercado in Guerrero Negro and we're good to go.
By fishing, we were able to supplement the food supply to make it last longer. Jody got us started by spear fishing a halibut for a coconut curry stir-fry and ceviche. The next day, Bill caught several Bonito Tuna from which Jody prepared sushi, sashimi and ahi.
   Living with the wildlife in such a remote area meant encountering interesting critters every day. We enjoyed feeding the birds that came right into the camper to see what was for dinner. They are the Baja race of the Large-billed Savannah Sparrow.
  The Cochimi Indians fished and lived off the land at the Wall as much as 15,000 years ago and the evidence is widespread. Around the sleeping rings and midden piles, we found bones, arrowheads and flakes left over from tool making.
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