2008 Mexico - Baja Peninsula
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  Aye Chihuahua! Ten minutes into Mexico and we take a turn off the Highway and wind up in downtown Tijuana (pop. 1,500,000) blocked in behind 5 men pushing a truck. Theresa: "Why did you take that turn?"  Bill: "Why weren't you watching the signs? I'm trying not to get hit. Both of us: "Nice, real nice! Let's just keep turning right until we get back to the highway. And they let dummies like us come here alone? Sheesh!"
   All fuel in Mexico is sold at the government owned Pemex stations which are common and well set up for RV's. The stations are always full serve and a tip is normally given to the attendant, say 10 pesos ($1). We paid about 67 cents per litre or $2.50 per gallon. We are careful not to get too low because sometimes the stations are out of gas or the pumps don't work because the electricity is off. This can be especially important at the famous "gas gap", a long stretch between stations, north of Guerrero Negro.
   Keeping an eight foot wide rig within the lines on 9.5 foot wide lanes when meeting large trucks on sharp corners and with no shoulders can be, well, unnerving. Trucks and cars without mirrors are not uncommon. 

    Because our son Jody was camping 2 hours north of Guerrero Negro at the "Wall" and considering the narrow roads, we decided to visit the southern half of the Baja Peninsula without the 5th Wheel. Enrique, friendly owner of the Malarrimo RV Park gave us a monthly rate and we continued our travels from there. See map below.
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