2007 British Columbia
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Our son, Carl and his wife Rebecca, son Stacey and daughter Amelia live in the Canadian Rockies in Golden, British Columbia. Outdoor adventure is the attraction here. Mountain biking, paragliding, skiing, and kayaking on the headwaters of the Columbia River are some of the activities that visitors seek.
The Kokanee Salmon were spawning in Canyon Creek when we arrived. Kokanee are landlocked Sockeye Salmon.
Before we left Golden, we went up the gondola lift at the Kicking Horse Ski Resort for Sunday Brunch at the Eagle's Eye Restaurant. Carl works as a stone mason on the million dollar vacation homes being built in the village at the base. We admired the flowers at the gift shop at the bottom but we were ready for the winter weather at the top. The skiers are hoping for more snow soon! On the ride back down, we saw a Grizzly Bear wallowing in a water hole.
Golden is just on the other side of Kicking Horse Pass from Banff and Jasper National Parks. We visited both and while on Whistler's Mountain in Jasper, we found a covey of White-tailed Ptarmigan at 7500 feet elevation, right at the snow line. The bird is molting to it's winter white plumage which extends all the way down to the feet.
We had never ridden a horse before but Rebecca changed that when she introduced us to Bess. First, we rode around the yard but eventually we did a hike up Canyon Creek while taking turns on the horse. Believe this! It is terrifying to be sitting on a horse and seeing nothing but canyon in front of you and imagining what bizarre event is about to make the horse and you leap over the edge. It's a lack of control thing. Thanks, Rebecca.