Well, we both love the prairies, so much sun and sky and open land. Seemingly endless fields of corn, soybeans, wheat, canola and other crops and the mammoth equipment for planting and harvesting make it comprehensible how one farmer can feed 144 people today compared to only 19 people in 1940.
2007 British Columbia
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Sometimes we drive with the windows open when in the prairies because the meadowlarks can be heard so beautifully and clearly even at highway speeds and in all seasons except winter. Prairie birds are often very visible, perched in the open on fences, poles and isolated trees.
There can be severe weather in the prairies, as we found out when we went birding at Cheyenne Bottoms National Wildlife Refuge in Kansas.
We didn't mind the cooler temperatures and first frost when we visited the Black Hills of South Dakota after the 100 degree heat in Missouri. However, it was difficult pulling the trailer directly into a 40mph headwind all day as we crossed the State.
Our favorite TV program is the comedy show called "Corner Gas". The show is filmed on the prairies of Saskatchewan where there is "not a lot goin on ". The filming set is in Rouleau which is called Dog River in the show. It is about the cast of 8 locals plus cameo appearances by the Prime Minister etc who hang around the only gas station and restaurant in town. Can't quite explain why but it is the most popular show in Canada and is now on WGN in the States. it is zany and absurd but we would never miss it. When we tried to visit the set, they were filming and shooed us away so we did the Paparazzi thing and sneaked a few photos through our birding scope as seen above. Want more gas online? Go to http://www.cornergas.com/