2005 Puerto Rico
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We travelled to Florida with our 5th wheel trailer by way of Toronto, ON. Bill's daughters, Rachel and Jennifer live in Oakville near Toronto and we camped nearby. Rachel's puppy, Cuddy is such a cute and lovable Pug. Jennifer and John treated us to an authentic Danish lunch at a retirement village for Danes. Open faced sandwiches with seafood and meat are traditional followed by the potato based liquor, Akvavit.
We hooked up the rig and did a tour of Florida. From Merritt Island to The Everglades, Key West, Sanibel Island, Cedar Key, Tampa and points in between, we hiked, discovered, birded and visited many friends and family. We returned to Ocala in time to catch the flight from Orlando to visit Stephanie in Puerto Rico.
After Toronto, we continued on to St. Louis to visit Bill's son, Stephen and his wife Michelle. We left the 5th wheel in Illinois while we stayed with them in their new house and enjoyed Michelle's home cooking. Steve and Michelle took us hiking with Bailey 
who is a house dog but she turns into a real hound when she hears the word "rabbit" and swings into action in the field. After a busy visit of hounding, hiking and visiting St. Louis area sites, we continued on toward Florida.
Two weeks after leaving St-Georges, we arrived in Ocala, FL where we had planned to do some research for a future residence. After a few days, we succumbed to the call of our favorite thing to do which is to travel and stay active.