2005 Puerto Rico
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Flamenco Beach has been rated the 2nd most beautiful beach in the world by the Discovery Channel. Rusting tanks on the beach are reminders that this was part of a WW ll Naval firing range before it became a National Wildlife Refuge.
El Yunque is the only tropical forest in the National Forest System. It receives 100 billion gallons of rain water every year but just showers during our visits. The visitor's centre itself is a destination, like a steel and glass tree house.
We hiked a mile long cement trail to Cascada La Mina where tourists were doing the swim thing and showering in the falls. This is a very busy Park. There are 16 species of birds endemic to Puerto Rico and found nowhere else in the world. We saw 5 of them at El Yunque and many other birds new to us. The tiny Puerto Rican Tody just might be our new "favorite bird".
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