2005 Puerto Rico
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Theresa's daughter, Stephanie lives on a sailboat moored at Culebra Island which is off the East Coast of Puerto Rico. It is a 1,200 mile flight from Orlando, Florida to San Juan and then 20 minutes of Caribbean island views from a small plane to Culebra.
It was 1 1/2 miles to the town of Dewey from the anchorage at Dakity. One trip was in the dark of night in the 11 foot dinghy. Bill sat in the front as we headed into the wind, waves and darkness of Ensenada Honda. By the time we reached the boat, he was completely soaked. Talk about a Salty Dog.
We spent pleasant hours relaxing and catching up on the boat and visiting several beaches on the Island. Bailey, whom we have known since she was a pup is now 12 years old and is as loyal and protective as ever.
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