We still can't get over the sight of a 6 foot tall bird(emu) stepping out of the forest and into the road just like a white-tailed deer jumping in front of your car. We also had to dodge Kangaroos and Wallabies. Wombats live in burrows and Koalas almost never come down from the eucalyptus trees. We even saw Koalas sleeping in trees above our RV.
2004 Australia
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We spent the last week enjoying Sydney's beaches and sights and sampling Aussie food like Rack of Lamb, Barramundi (fish) and Yarra Valley wine.
We went to bed and woke up with the Laughing Kookaburra, a large Kingfisher bird and enjoyed colorful birds so beautiful that we couldn't believe they were wild. We saw over 120 new birds.
West of Melbourne, we drove the Great Ocean Road which is one of the world's most scenic coastal drives. There are miles of cliffs, caves, stacks, arches and beaches. We also discovered how thrilling the cliff side road can be after a heavy rainfall when we had to dodge falling rocks.