2004 Australia
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The ferry to Tasmania was booked solid but we made it by going on standby. There is no lost time because the Bass Strait crossing is overnight. We drove off the ferry at 7AM and continued our trip.
We found out that Tasmania is not all mountains and it doesn't rain all the time. Tassie farms are impressive and the people are environmentally conscious which made us want to try their products.We treated ourselves to fresh cheese, cherries, honey and raspberries at different farms, all in one day. The next day, we visited a milk chocolate factory. Mmm mmm, good.
We had to go to a wildlife park to see Tasmanian Devils because they are nocturnal critters and we are not. They get their name from their nighttime screams. Devil jaws have 1,000 pounds of crushing power and they eat the whole animal, including bones and fur. It was awesome to hear them eat.
Cradle Mountain National Park is a World Heritage site. We hiked 6 miles on the Boardwalk Trail where Theresa surprised a 5 foot long venomous Red-Bellied Black Snake. The snake uncoiled and took off and so did we.
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