2001 Alaska
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What we've been doing - last updated August 16
We camped for a few days in Seward on the south coast of the Kenai Peninsula. Many cruise ships stop here to connect their passengers with tours of Denali National Park and other Alaskan destinations. Our boat tour of Kenai Fjords National Park was dampened by rain and fog but we did enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife. Theresa was a bit nervous about the thunder-like sound of the icebergs calving from the Aialik Glacier. They rocked the boat a bit too. Whales, Porpoises and Sea Lions were seen as well as 4 new bird species for us. Bill was relieved once again that the sea was calm and he didn't get sea sick. The Exit Glacier is only a half-mile hike from the road so we checked it out. It is retreating rapidly as can be seen in the photo.

We moved to an Anchorage campground for a few days where the resident Moose kept the grass mowed around our camper. We went out to the airport to wish sister Cecile and family and about 6 boxes of frozen Sockeye Salmon and Halibut a good trip back to Winterport. On the way to Valdez, we took a hike in pea soup thick fog at Thompson Pass. The visibility was so bad that we gave up over concerns of walking into a Grizzly Bear. The snow markers at the pass are over 15 feet high and built out over the highway to help the snow blower operator stay on the road. Valdez can get over 40 feet of snow in a winter. While in Valdez, we spent a couple hours at Crooked Creek which was choked with thousands of spawning Pink Salmon.

By way of the Richardson, Alaskan and Taylor Highways, we made our way to Chicken, Alaska. Apparently, they wanted to name the town after the Ptarmigan(a chicken-like bird of the arctic) but couldn't spell it so they named the town Chicken. Theresa visited the 2 holer for ladies but the men's was closed and for a very good reason. Oh well, on to the Yukon.

What's next:
The Klondike gold history of Dawson City, Yukon and Skagway, Alaska.
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