2001 Alaska
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What we've been doing - last updated August 05
We spent a week at the RV Park for the Princess Cruise Lines at Cooper Landing in the interior of the Kenai Peninsula. The Princess cabins are $240 per night. Thankfully, our campsite was only $20 per night. The Russian River is nearby where the fishing for Sockeye Salmon is legendary. In fact, the term "Combat Fishing" originated here to describe the shoulder to shoulder crowds of fishermen. At the peak of the run, 50,000 salmon per day move up the river. The Sockeye Salmon weigh 5 to 10 pounds and are the best Pacific Salmon for eating. Alaskan residents are allowed to take by dip netting on the beaches, 25 or more salmon per year, depending on the size of the family.

We then moved to Kenai on the coast to visit with Theresa's sister Cecile and hubby Carl and son Shane who had flown to Alaska from Winterport, Maine. Carl's parents, Arlene and Leandre came along to share the adventure. We really enjoyed spending a few days with them. Carl, Shane and Bill boosted the local economy with their frequent shopping trips to the fishing tackle stores for just the right gear. In the excitement of when Arlene caught her first salmon, Bill lost his fishing rod in the river. Fortunately, it bumped up against Shane's waders and he grabbed it. Nice catch, Shane! They hit the peak of the salmon run and caught several dozen before heading off to visit Denali National Park and see more of Alaska.

Cecile joined us on a hike up Mystery Mountain. We hiked well beyond the end of the Skyline Trail and above the snowline. We spent 7 and 1/2 hours on the mountain and climbed 3,000 vertical feet and paid the price in sore legs for the next 3 days. After seeing a very large Black Bear near the top, Bill was put in the front as bear bait and we were soon at the bottom. We also did a walking tour of Old Town Kenai where we saw the early Russian influence on architecture including the Russian Orthodox Church built in 1896.

What's next:
We will be moving on to Seward and Valdez where we will do a boat tour of the Kenai Fjords National Park and visit some glaciers.
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