2001 Alaska
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What we've been doing - last updated July 16
We are camping in Homer which is a town of 4,000 people on the Kenai Peninsula. Homer extends into the ocean on a 4 mile long spit of sand. They have an unusual camping arrangement. Campers put $10 in a box and then they can set up their tent or RV wherever they want, right on the beach. We did that the first night. Homer claims to be the Halibut Fishing Capital of the world and judging by the number of big halibut that they bring in on the chartered boats, who could argue? Every boat brings in a dozen or more Halibut weighing 20 to 300 pounds each. We only fished the Anchor River where Bill caught some Dolly Varden trout and Pink Salmon. We ate the trout for lunch and had the salmon for supper on the same day. Other than the halibut and salmon fishing, there are many resident artists and the gift shops abound with their art and unusual crafts like seal gut parkas for $1,800 and walrus penis bones called ooziks for $200.

We managed to find 5 new species of birds by walking the beaches and on a boat trip. There are Bald Eagles everywhere here, partly because a woman called the "Eagle Lady" feeds them all winter with tons of smelly fish. There are 3 species of puffins. We saw the Atlantic Puffin last year in Maine on Petit Manan Island and got the Horned and Tufted Puffins here on Gull Island. We ended our visit in Homer by watching Brown Bears catching salmon on the Mcneil River across Cook inlet by Live Web camera at the Pratt Museum.

Sister Cecile and hubby Carl e-mailed that they're arriving with their son, Shane and Carl's parents next week for a fishing trip. We have been on the phone with them to plan the possibilities of getting together while they are here.

What's Next:
We will be moving on to Cooper Landing in the interior of the Kenai Peninsula. We will be near the Russian River where the famous Sockeye Salmon spawning run occurs. It is going to be fun getting together with Cecile, Carl and family.
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