2001 Alaska
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What we've been doing - last updated July 06:
We arrived in Fairbanks just in time for the Midnight Sun Festival. The weather has been superb with temps in the 70's and 80's with no humidity. It was a bit smoky at times due to forest fires nearby. Brother Willy and Judy treated us really well. Judy cooked the best baked Alaskan halibut we have ever had. She said it was fresh, never frozen and "top of the pile". The fresh plum pie was also a winner. We all spent an evening at the Malamute Saloon in Ester where we were treated to a show and readings of Robert Service poems of the Yukon like "The Cremation of Sam McGee".

We visited the inside of the Fairbanks No. 8 Gold Dredge where Bill caught gold fever. Judy loaned him a gold pan and he tried his luck in Pedro Creek, where after getting very few and very small flecks, the fever quickly subsided. We took in the live bands during the street festivities and visited local gardens, a Musk ox Farm and a Bird Observatory. We spent a whole day at the University of Alaska Museum which was top notch.

"Free Ribs Night" at the Turtle Club was a new concept for us. They serve prime rib without the bone all week as their specialty and then on Monday night, it's free ribs until they are gone. Man, did we pig out! We took in the 4th of July parade in Ester where it rained a bit on the "Esteroids" and "Transvesterites" and parade watchers alike.  In the evening, we all went to an outdoor theater presentation of Shakespeare's "Love's Labor Lost" adapted to the 1950's. The 50's tunes played by the live band were and fun and of course, no stage light was required in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

What's next:
We're on our way to the Kenai Peninsula where we will start at the artist and fishing community of Homer. We have plans to add a lot of new western seabirds to our list and of course, the fishing is world famous.
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