2001 Alaska
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What we've been doing - last updated June 23
We flew back from Nome and found our way to the campground in Cantwell which is 25 miles south of Denali National Park. The campground is about 40 RV sites on a patch of gravel which is common in Alaska. This may be because most people are touring with motor homes etc. and are not camping for any length of time and just need a place to park for the night. Actually, most RV's are self contained and many do dry camping which means that they have on-board water and sewage tanks and generators and they can just stop along the road for the night at no cost and nobody bothers them. The weather continues to be sunny day and night(yes, sunny at night). Bill caught 2 Arctic Grayling in the Brushkana River on the Denali Highway and we had them for lunch. We were told to cook them fresh and they were excellent. We encountered lots of Moose and found several new birds. In Alaska, there are long distances between towns so stops known as roadhouses are found in remote areas. After more than 50 miles of wilderness gravel road, we stopped at a roadhouse called Gracious House and had an excellent lunch and blackberry pie.

We took the shuttle bus to Mt. Mckinley which is the highest mountain peak in North America. The mountain was named after President Mckinley who never visited Alaska. Alaskans call the mountain Denali which means "the Great One". Should Gretzky be called Denali? The 66 mile one way bus ride was a memorable one for the spectacular scenery. A close encounter with 2 Grizzly Bears terminated our planned hike across the tundra to Primrose Ridge. We got off the shuttle bus at Polychrome Pass and we walked several miles for better views of the glaciers, mountains and valleys. There are many programs for visitors and we participated in several such as dog sled demonstrations before decamping.

What's next:
We're are in North Pole, Alaska which is close to Fairbanks and camping at the Santaland RV Park for 2 weeks. Theresa's brother, Willy lives in North Pole and we look forward to spending some time visiting. Saloons, Gold Dredges and Paddlewheel Riverboats are on the itinerary.
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