2001 Alaska
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What we've been doing:
Here goes our humble first attempt at a web page. We hope to update the page more or less weekly depending on internet access. We left Ontario on May 5th and stopped near Chicago to visit with Stephen . We did the whole trip in 4 days on Interstate 90 through the States to get to British Columbia where we visited with family and friends. Jody showed us where he is tree planting. We climbed the Chief mountain with grandson Stacey and his dad, Carl. They camped with us and Stacey's mom, Carolyn.  

We camped(squatted) with mountain climbers at Jody's site by the Mamquam River. We then took 4 days to go to Alaska with an overnight stay in Whitehorse, Yukon with a couple 20 hour driving days with naps on a mattress in the back of the van. The road was pretty good except in the Yukon where it was slow and muddy but no broken headlights or windshield as everyone had warned. Some of the road was above the snow line in the mountain passes. We encountered several Black Bears plus Moose, Elk, Caribou and Mountain Sheep. 
We are now camping in Anchorage RV Park where we look a little funny with our little pop-up trailer between the big motorhomes and 5th wheels. The moose walk around cutting the grass in the campground. That's cool. We are camped next to Elmendorf Air Force Base where the noise from the fighter jets is so loud that it sets off the burglar alarm in the van. That is not cool. 

The weather has been non-stop sunny with temperatures in the 60'sF (16-20C) with 20 hours of daylight so we have long days to do stuff. 
What's Next:
We're flying to Nome on Sunday, June the 3rd. There are 3 dead-end roads of about 75 miles each that go out into the tundra and Eskimo camps and villages. We will rent a truck to look for birds that fly there from the South Pacific and Asia. The birds have strange names like Bristle-thighed Curlew and nest only in this part of North America. Russia will be only 75 miles away when we are in the Eskimo village of Teller looking for a White Wagtail. We're planning to get rich panning for gold on the beaches of Nome. If not, Plan B is to return to Anchorage on June 8th and head for the Kenai Peninsula until July.
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